February 22, 2017

4 reasons instructors matter to your IT training investment

Technology is changing quickly, and investing in training to improve your employee’s skill will ensure that your team is working efficiently to reduce costly redundancies and employee turnover, which will improve overall efficiency to meet the demands of the modern organization.

Here are the top four reasons that having access to highly skilled training instructors really does matter.

1. Make Better Use of Your Technology

A common misstep many organizations make is not fully utilize the assets that they already own. When existing business assets are not being utilized, you not only have less productive employees but you are also at risk of purchasing additional technology that you do not need. The solution to this dilemma is simple, yet effective; fully train your staff to truly understand the capabilities of the hardware and software you have already procured to ensure that you are getting the most from your investment.

  • What this all means is that the quality of your instructors matters. While training your employees is critical, not all programs and instructors are alike. When surveyed, 94% of highly effective training organizations rated using knowledgeable or expert instructors; and 95% rated instructors with great facilitation and presentation skills as critical to content delivery.

2. Keep Up With Technology Changes

Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of the traditional data center. Modern technology requires new skills, and most companies do not have the depth of expertise needed in-house to support these new solutions. When both the tools we use and the methods we employ develop and change quickly, it’s imperative that you keep your employees’ skills and knowledge up-to-date. Employees who truly understand the technology they are working with are better able to perform efficiently and come up with intuitive solutions to problems. And keeping skills up-to-date allows each member of a team to be proactive about problem solving and truly take ownership of his or her responsibilities.

3. Employee Turnover is Expensive

According to figures from ERE Media, employee turnover is costly – averaging close to 150% of their annual salary to find, hire, train and onboard a replacement. It has been proven that training employees can actually reduce the likelihood of turnover and increase the performance, productivity and bottom line of your business. Investing in job-related training shows all employees they are a valued part of the company. Training provides opportunities for career development and job enrichment, both of which are likely to increase motivation and job satisfaction while reducing turnover.

4. Quality Instruction Is Essential

Training is essential to all organizations and when you partner with Arrow Education Services. You will have access to our highly experienced technology consultants who provide specialized services and expertise across the entire product life cycle. Maximizing your technology investment is imperative to business impact, and that is why Arrow Education Services prides itself on delivering exactly the courses you need, in the locations you want and with the quality instructors that you need.

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