August 10, 2017

90% close rates with Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessments

Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program is currently available through Arrow and has demonstrated success with a 90% close rate!

This program allows you to deploy a FortiGate in your prospect’s network without interrupting their existing infrastructure. The prospect will keep the FortiGate there for up to 7 days, share the logs with Arrow and receive a Cyber Threat Assessment report, detailing key areas of security threats, productivity, and performance. Arrow will assist in reviewing the report to identify areas that will draw your prospect’s attention or deviate from their expectations.

Program Highlights

  • Cyber Threat Assessments are free and easy to create.
  • The end-user does not need to sign any legal agreements or provide a purchase order.
  • Assessments accelerate the sales lifecycle and increase success rates.

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