December 5, 2017

Annual Distributors and Cybersecurity report highlights

The Global Technology Distribution Council recently released a report covering insights on the top three cybersecurity focus areas in distribution, the biggest impacts on the IT security market, cloud vs. on premises security and more.

In the report, Arrow’s Matt Rochford, VP of technology and alliances, addresses the primary misconception that start-up security vendors have and touches on how distributors can help to remove the complexities around cybersecurity for channel partners.

Rochford stressed that distributors spend a great deal of time educating vendors, demonstrating value around solutions integration, financial programs, delivering cloud-based consumption products and enabling the channel to be extensions of the vendors’ selling arm.

“There’s a big chasm between those that are truly going in as security consultants and those that are reselling,” Rochford said. “Vendors absolutely are looking for us to enable those partners. That’s a core element of our value proposition. It takes time, but we bring operational efficiencies to market that help them enable partners better and more quickly.”

View Arrow’s full security line card here!