April 28, 2017

Arrow can help you find the IT skill sets you need

By Chad Frazier
Senior Vice President
Business Development – Data Center/Cloud
Arrow ECS


In our recent article, How to Weave the Perfect IT Services Tapestry, we unveiled Arrow’s eight Life Cycle Services. As discussed in the article, our experts can easily and effectively weave Arrow’s award-winning services into the life of your customers’ IT solutions.

In part 1 of Arrow’s Life Cycle Services series, we discussed our advisory service offerings. In part 2, we covered our implementation services. Now, we are going to focus on the next wedge in our services wheel – Arrow’s staffing services offering that makes it easy to find the IT skill sets that your customers need.

Get to Know Arrow Staffing Services

Arrow understands the challenges that IT departments face when they want to deliver new technologies in support of their key business initiatives, such as limited budgets, the need for greater IT productivity with current staff, and acquiring the needed new skill sets and professional certifications.

Arrow recognized the need to support customers with skilled resources beyond the traditional “fixed project” approach, so we built a staffing services program that can provide the right skill sets, at the right time (and duration) and at the right price.

Arrow Staffing Services options include:

  • Short term – Provides credentialed resources for 90+ day projects and initiatives at a customer’s location
  • Remote residency  Provides a remote credentialed architecture, engineering and/or administration resource for 90+ day projects
  • Transactional residency  Provides an experienced architectural, engineering and/or administration resource either remotely or on-site for several days per week over a one-year period
  • Blocks of hours – Provides supplemental, on-demand, remote certified technical support expert services that cover a wide variety of unified communications, data center and desktop support platforms and applications (Note: This service is often used by customers following the implementation of a new application or service for short-term end-user technical and help desk support. Hours can be purchased in various blocks of time.)

Why Arrow Staffing Services?

Arrow has been providing premier IT staffing services for over twenty years that include:

  • Skilled team of IT recruiters who perform primary searches, background checks and screenings
  • Full on-boarding, reporting and payroll processes that allow us to quickly add skilled specialists for key project roles
  • Best practices honed over many engagements
  • Improved operations through skills transfer

Staffing Resource Profiles

  • Applications Developers
  • Programmer/Analysts
  • System Analysts
  • Software Engineers
  • Systems Programmers
  • Web Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • Project Managers
  • Database Developers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Database Modelers
  • Program Managers
  • Cloud Solution Architect
  • Network Engineer
  • WAN Engineer
  • Systems Architects
  • Software Specialist
  • Technical Trainer
  • Technical Writer
  • Data Communications Specialist
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • Security Specialist
  • Development Managers
  • Help Desk

Arrow Staffing Services Benefits

  • Provides specialist expertise – When “skill set” gaps are identified for a project that require specialized skills, residency staffing (longer term) and staff augmentation (shorter term), Arrow can efficiently step in and fill those gaps.
  • Addresses aggressive project timelines – When existing staff has limited bandwidth and additional resources are needed, supplementing staff with outside resources is typically the best option.
  • Reduces the cost of acquiring skills – Companies can avoid the cost (and time) of investing in internal skills development.
  • Lowers employer burdens – Arrow’s staffing services can help companies avoid the costs and liabilities of direct employees.
  • Allows you to scale rapidly changing staffing needs – Companies that have multiple technology roll-outs that require additional resources and skill sets are best served by using external staffing, as it’s easier to add or subtract resources to match demand.

Weaving Together the Solution

Here are a couple of success stories that illustrate how Arrow’s staffing services wove the perfect IT solution for these customers.

  • A customer in the banking industry needed to finish a major Isilon upgrade. But, with just their current staff, the customer was falling behind and in fear of not meeting their deadline. So, Arrow suggested that they utilize our staffing services to assist them in finishing the project. An Arrow engineer was specially selected for them and sent to the customer’s site. Much to the customer’s satisfaction, the upgrade was executed perfectly – one week ahead of schedule! And, best of all, the customer ended up saving money even with the addition of this unplanned staff member. Also while at the customer site, the engineer made other recommendations about the project, which extended his assignment by four months! In addition, the customer recognized they needed a strategic account manager to oversee and manage the environment. As a result, Arrow was able to provide a SAM to them for a period of one year.
  • An international IT company was in the middle of finalizing a design-to-implement project when their lead technologist resigned with no advance notice. Faced with hardly any lead time, Arrow was able to bring in an exceptional engineer to finish the design and also work with/train the customer’s on-site team. The leadership of this engineer enabled the technology team to finish the design and implementation, as well as suggest future improvements. Because of these insightful recommendations, this engineer’s assignment was extended so he could make further improvements to the environment. This customer valued and trusted the engineer’s experience and creative ideas so much that he ended up staying on-site for two years as opposed to the initial engagement of five to six months. Arrow’s outstanding engineer was instrumental in quickly completing this project, training the staff and, ultimately, building business for the customer.

Learn More About Arrow’s Staffing Services

Arrow is here to assist in unraveling staffing dilemmas and providing subject matter expertise for both you and your customers. For more information about Arrow staffing services or any of the other Life Cycle Services, just submit a request or contact your Arrow representative.