August 15, 2017

Arrow Technical Support – Ready when you need it

By Chad Frazier
Senior Vice President
Business Development – Data Center/Cloud 
Arrow ECS


In our recent article, How to weave the perfect IT services tapestry, we unveiled Arrow’s eight Life Cycle Services. As discussed in the article, our experts can easily and effectively weave Arrow’s award-winning services into the life of your customers’ IT solutions.

So far, we have discussed our advisory services, implementation services, staffing services, maintenance services and education services. Now we are going to focus on the next wedge in our services wheel – Arrow’s on-demand support that can augment your technical capabilities.

Why On-Demand Services?

Have you ever had an unexpected technical issue arise, and you didn’t have the manpower to handle it? Have you ever needed expert assistance to solve a complicated issue but didn’t have the appropriate staff skill sets? Have you ever needed skilled resources to augment your team and manage your incidents all the way back to the supplier?

If any of these issues have ever impacted you, then Arrow on-demand services is here for you!

How Does It Work?

Arrow’s on-demand services are available as pre-packaged bundles of remote support and delivered by technical support experts certified on a wide variety of unified communications, desktop, data center platforms and applications. Customers can take advantage of services available under this program to meet their ongoing technical support needs, providing a perfect complement to existing manufacturer maintenance and support contracts.

On-demand support services are reactive in nature. Requests are initiated by the customer’s IT system administrator who needs technical expertise to support a data center, desktop or unified communications issue. The customer has two different options to package the support:

  • Blocks of Hours: Blocks of hours provide the customer with the ability to engage Arrow technical resources on an hourly basis to support their needs. The blocks of hours are best suited for projects where there is no specific scope and the level of effort is unknown. The customer is responsible for providing remote access to their systems or applications to facilitate remote support.
  • Incident Packs: Incident packs are intended to provide incident management when normal service operation is being impacted. Incident requests are supported and worked by the Arrow Service Desk technical team regardless of the hourly time required to remediate the problem. Incident Packs may be purchased in various increments. The customer is responsible for providing remote access to their systems or applications to facilitate remote incident triage and remediation.

Customers can initiate a support request by contacting the Arrow Service Desk via phone, email or web. A service ticket is created within Arrow’s IT service management platform (Arrow Insight) and facilitates engagement of the appropriate technical support resources to provide incident reporting, initial event discovery and service entitlement verification.

Arrow Service Desk

Arrow’s Service Desk provides call handling, workflow methodology and incident management to meet all your requirements. Components include:

  • 24/7/365 Call Center: Incident call handling of telephone-based transactions
  • Incident management and work flow methodology: Managed via Arrow Insight
  • Level 1 – Help Desk: Coordinate and triage incidents
  • Level 2 – Technical Support: Second-level technical support for incident management (if needed, an interface is offered for other activities and Level 3 OEM escalation)

Optional Remote Monitoring and Management Services

Arrow offers optional remote monitoring and management services via the Arrow Connect Monitoring Agent. Arrow Connect not only provides the support engineer with remote connectivity to facilitate remediation, but also provides a wealth of diagnostic information that can be utilized in remediation. Whether the event information is used reactively for basic monitoring and notification or proactively for full management, the efficiencies gained in the incident management process dramatically decreases the mean time to repair.

The Arrow Connect tool set delivers both reactive and proactive capabilities targeting these key objectives:

  • Reducing IT costs and downtime and increasing IT department productivity
  • 24×7 monitoring to facilitate a consistent high level of service
  • Improving incident response and remediation through central monitoring and management of geographically distributed systems

Weaving Together the Solution

Arrow wants to help you weave the perfect technical solutions for you customers. One recent use case involved an Arrow customer that was providing services to its end-customer and was challenged with interacting directly with the supplier and moving issues to resolution. The customer engaged Arrow on a Block of Hours engagement to support the gap for the supplier support. Arrow then provided the customer with single point-of-contact who managed the issues from level 1 through level 3 escalations to the supplier. Arrow’s expert resources were able to quickly manage the incidents and work with the supplier technical teams to resolve the issue.

Contact Us

Make sure your customers are always connected – especially when unexpected problems arise. With Arrow’s on-demand solutions, you can be assured that you will have support that will augment your technical capabilities whenever you need help. We are ready when you are!

For more information, contact your Arrow representative.