December 6, 2018

Arrow’s End-of-Quarter Deadlines for IBM Systems

Here are the Last Order Entry Dates (LOED) for IBM servers and storage for December. It is strongly recommended that if you are including any sort of incentive tied to the shipment of any product, that you use the LOED as the cutoff for commitment from your customer. LOED is the date by which orders should be firm or in OMV High, and starting the build process.  Please note all of the following. 

LOED for Power Enterprise and PEX servers has moved up 2 days to December 19. This is a change from the November version of this note. 

  1. The Nutanix (8005), Briggs/Stratton (8001),and Boston (9006) servers are NOT part of the Power OMV program, so your orders must be FIRM in the system by LOED to ship by month end. SuperMicro lead times are growing: LOED is December 12.
  2. ESS orders have significant integration and test time. You need to have final configurations in build as firm orders or as OMV high orders by LOED. Alterations or cancel/reorders after ESS LOED will significantly impact any ability to ship an order by month end. LOED is December 17.
  3. Supply planning assures that the plant can build the servers you need to ship each month. Sales Connect is an important element of planning. It’s critically important that you update your sales connect records to accurately reflect the machine type/model and quantity you need for each opportunity in the designated fields for that information. Take action on all salesconnect entries today for 1Q19.

If you have any questions related to Power Systems LOED, please email Clare Peterson at

4Q2018 Last Order Entry Dates – Direct Delivery

  Last Order Entry Date Ship Date
Quarterly Supply Globalization – Firm First 10-Dec 10-Dec
All Orders Firm 28-Dec 28-Dec
z Systems 21-Dec 31-Dec
Exchanges 21-Dec 31-Dec
Enterprise & PEX 21-Dec 31-Dec
Briggs / Boston / Stratton / Nutanix / MT8001-8005-9006 14-Dec 31-Dec
Storage 21-Dec 31-Dec
Power & Storage    
ESSp / IDEA 18-Dec 31-Dec
Frozen cover (Storwize V3, V5, V7) and Scale out 24-Dec 31-Dec