April 12, 2018

Big data expert Facebook under fire

Facebook is a big data expert. They collect petabytes of data on their users and use big data analytics tools to sort through and make sense of the data. But, they got caught not protecting that data – resulting in millions of users losing trust in Facebook and that they will protect their data.

In the article “Facebook Under Fire: How Privacy Crisis Could Change Big Data Forever,” author Todd Spangler says, “The scandal in a nutshell: Cambridge Analytica, a U.K.-based political data analytics firm, illicitly procured the data of 50 million Facebook users — without their knowledge or consent — and then enlisted that to inform voter-targeting strategies for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. It wasn’t a hack per se. But both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica claim they were duped by the researcher who originally harvested the data, who used an innocuous-seeming personality quiz in 2013 to access info on friends of people who used the app. That was possible because of Facebook’s then relatively lax privacy protocols.”

Read more about how Facebook grew with the big data it collected on its users and how the recent scandal is going to impact future regulations.