August 10, 2017

Citrix security protects apps, data and usage

While people expect instant and convenient access to their data and apps on any device they use, along with the rich experience they’re used to, businesses need to be able to assess and manage risk to sensitive information.

With Citrix, organizations can provide the right level of confidentiality, integrity and availability for data without placing undue restrictions on the ways people choose to work. Citrix offers trusted solutions to address risk with powerful and flexible options to control identity and access, network security, app security, data security, monitoring and response across all scenarios.

The core security pillars of the Citrix offering include:

  • Identity and Access
  • Network Security
  • App Security
  • Data Security
  • Monitoring and Response

Citrix delivers across security pillars with a complete portfolio including:

  • XenApp and XenDesktop to manage apps and desktops centrally inside the data center
  • XenMobile to secure mobile applications and devices with a great user experience
  • ShareFile to provide controlled and audited data access, storage and sharing both on-prem and in the cloud
  • NetScaler to contextualize and control connectivity with end-to-end system and user visibility

Citrix solutions also integrate with third-party security products for advanced levels of system management and identity, endpoint and network protection.

Download this executive brief to learn more about how Citrix manages risk by protecting apps, data and usage.