October 9, 2017

How to successfully manage a CI project

It’s no secret that your business is unique. Whether you are a reseller entering the third phase of a multi-site racked solution rollout, or someone who has their first article defined but doesn’t know how to move into production, the Arrow Value-Add Center can assist you in every aspect from the design to the final build, all the way through installation and training.

Regardless of the industry, Arrow’s proven process has been designed to eliminate the common hurdles that plague projects, ensuring that customers’ expectations are met or exceeded. Engagement with the convergence project management team is designed to be workable and repeatable, consisting of five important steps:

  1. Planning: Your Arrow sales representative engages with the convergence project management team about your opportunity. Through the shared project management interface, the stakeholders are assigned and roles/expectations are identified. All parties agree on the timelines, and a regular cadence is set.
  2. Analysis: The team works with you to understand exactly how your build needs to be configured. Arrow’s technical resources play a massive role as the initial bill of materials is crafted. Arrow also collects some information about the customer site and the logistics involved.
  3. Design: The necessary components are quoted, along with the integration services required to construct and configure your offering. As a safeguard, timeline and customer expectations are reconfirmed in this phase. Lastly, a purchase order is generated.
  4. Integration: The components arrived and production begins in the Value-Add Center. Progress of the build is shared via the project management interface, followed by photos of the final product, requiring the partner to sign-off on the completion of the solution.
  5. Deployment: The big day arrives, your solution has shipped and the tracking information has been provided to all parties involved. Deployment can now begin or partners can leverage Arrow Professional Services to complete the on-site installation of the completed solution.

Engagement with the Arrow Value-Add Center is focused on eliminating the single point of failure, a common problem that can bring any project to a halt. With all communication conducted through the interface, users can be provisioned on the fly, ensuring maximum visibility for all and eliminating email hang-ups and vacation issues. At any point, you can identify the status of your project and clearly understand the next steps.

Would you like to learn more?

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This post was originally published in November 2015 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.