July 20, 2016

Arrow brings more value-added services to the table

Over the last ten years, markets and technology have evolved and new roles for distributors are emerging. Once viewed simply as order takers, today’s distributors are striving to take a more strategic role in helping their customers make solid business decisions and facilitate business growth.

Arrow ECS works hard to help its resellers lower risk and total costs, improve profitability, and increase competitive advantage. Arrow has introduced innovative programs and services that provide customer and supplier collaboration, market insights and operational and financial advantages to help resellers drive their purchasing decisions.

Arrow works hard to envision, integrate and deliver unique IoT solutions to its reseller base.

Pull quote Jeff Lampe

“Arrow leverages the technology of our numerous hardware, software and services suppliers to bring complete solutions together for our resellers,” said Jeff Lampe, director of channel marketing for Arrow ECS. “We use technical and creative approaches to bring about innovative solutions.”

In a survey of Arrow solution providers, roughly one in three stated that business transformation and new practice development was their number one area of focus and concern for the next 12 months.

Arrow responded to this challenge by introducing a monthly video series called “The Pivot” that focuses on business transformation. In The Pivot, you’ll hear from Arrow and industry thought leaders who will provide advice for successfully implementing changes you will need to make to meet changing industry demands and to grow your business.

Early on, Arrow recognized the cloud as an emerging technology and developed ArrowSphere, an innovative marketplace that helps resellers get on the fast track with a cloud offering. The ArrowSphere platform simplifies the connection between could service providers, resellers and business users. Using the ArrowSphere Solution Business Services, resellers can brand, sell and manage best-of-breed services in a professional, secure and easy-to-use environment.

Arrow has also invested in a powerful business intelligence tool, Arrow Insight. This tool gives you the information and analysis you need to make strategic plans, investment decisions and evaluate upcoming opportunities. Arrow Insight leverages transactional data, industry information and enhanced reference data to help you identify new prospects, analyze end-user demographics, define business strategies and target new opportunities.

In addition to partner business and marketing programs, Arrow also adds value with first-class technical expertise across the product lifecycle and a variety of financing options. Arrow strives to ensure partners achieve the business growth they need while lowering their costs and minimizing their risk.

If you are interested in finding out more about the innovative programs Arrow offers its partners, please contact your Arrow representative.

Editors note: This article was originally posted in June 2015 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.