July 10, 2017

Extended: Riverbed deal registration promotion

Take advantage now!

The Riverbed deal registration promotion has now been extended to December 31, 2017. We are rewarding eligible Elite and Premier level RPPP partners with five (5) incremental discount points for registering new, partner-led opportunities in addition to the 10 percent  standard deal registration discount.

During this promotional period, Riverbed is offering eligible partners an additional 5 percent off of Riverbed’s then-current list price for new registered resale and/or managed services opportunities for products in categories A (Appliance Product and Product Upgrades); G (Subscription Software); and H (Perpetual Software).

  • Elite Partners: Can achieve an overall registered resale and/or managed services discount level of up to 50 percent for Category A and H and 33 percent for Category G
  • Premier Partners: Can achieve an overall registered resale and/or managed services discount level of up to 45 percent for Category A and H and 30 percent for Category G

Promotion At-a-Glance

Who can Participate: Eligible Elite & Premier partners*
Registered Resale & Managed Service Eligible Categories: A, G, H
Incremental Discount: 5%
Promotional Period: February 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017

*Does not apply to Federal Secure Supply Chain (FSSC) or State, Local and Education (SLED) partners; refer to the FSSC Program Guide or the SLED Program Guide for details.

Key Details to Remember:

  • Deal registrations can only be requested through the partner center by a partner or distributor on their behalf.
  • Only one partner will be eligible for deal registration for initiating or leading an opportunity.
  • The partner that owns the deal registration will continue to have the advantage if the opportunity needs to go to non-standard discount (NSD).
  • The deal registration will remain in place for 180 days. If the opportunity is not closed by then, an extension may be requested. If the deal registration expires, the discount will be removed.
  • A deal registration request is not a guarantee that the deal registration will be approved and discount applied.

View this brief tutorial to get started with deal registration.

Be sure to protect your pre-sales efforts, while earning incremental discount, by registering your new opportunities on partner center today. As always, your Riverbed authorized distributors and sales support teams are here to help.