July 13, 2017

ForeScout and Palo Alto Networks improve defenses

Today’s enterprises typically have a dozen or more security products operating as independent security management silos. This disjointed approach prevents a coordinated, enterprise-wide security response, allowing attackers more time to exploit system vulnerabilities. It also results in manual, inefficient processes that can’t scale to address the growth of BYOD and IoT. ForeScout tears down security silos.

ForeScout orchestrates system-wide security management to make formerly disjointed security products work as one. ForeScout CounterACT and Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls work together to leverage complimentary capabilities of each solution and provide real-time visibility and precise, automated controls for secure access to critical applications and resources. The joint solution enables IT organizations to implement dynamic network segmentation and create context-aware security policies within their next-generation firewalls based on endpoint context from CounterACT.

This unique set of network, security and management interoperability technologies extends the power of ForeScout CounterACT to more than 70 third-party solutions, allowing the combined system to accelerate response, achieve major operational efficiencies and provide superior security.

Ultimately, our platform makes many of the security, management and compliance tools you already have in place smarter – hence, reducing the time it takes to deal with security & compliance incidents.  

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