January 10, 2017

How to make money selling cloud in 2017


By Sher Miller
Cloud Marketing Manager
Arrow ECS


It’s no secret that cloud computing is changing the way we do business. After years of denial, CIOs are finally bringing the cloud into their environments, exponentially increasing the impact on IT. Now in 2017, cloud-based systems are poised to solve the ever more complex challenges businesses are facing from the technological evolution – ranging from IoT to BYOD.

In addition, increased growth in cloud service providers and the changes in the way organizations are consuming IT are also having a profound impact on the IT ecosystem and marketplace. As the cloud marketplace matures, the value in it is evident – to the tune of $133.5B as noted in a public IT Cloud Services Revenue forecast by Gartner for 2017. Accessing that potential revenue could be a bumpy ride, but well worth it.


Four Business-Critical Reasons to Navigate to the Cloud

When you are entering a market that is as young as the cloud market is, knowledge sharing is a key component of successfully navigating it. Those who have gone before have already noted challenges and successes, so we took this opportunity to reach out to some of the cloud’s foremost business leaders to better understand how each navigated to the cloud, and why. Though each journey was different, we noted four compelling themes that threaded through them:

  1. They improved business and generated more revenue that was easier to forecast by developing deeper and richer relationships with their cloud and managed services providers.
  2. Hybrid, cloud and managed service solutions are key differentiators and offer a strong competitive advantage.
  3. Business transformation to the cloud was necessary to stay competitive and reach their business goals.
  4. The journey is imperative and so is a business culture that will support it. Companies must adapt and continue to improve their offerings to stay relevant in the cloud marketplace. A culture of learning is critical to success.

Why Business Leaders are Choosing Cloud

Today, CIOs face increasingly challenging obstacles in support of the needs of their business. IT is being asked to deliver new business solutions more quickly, with fewer resources, less capital and lower operating costs. As a result, CIOs are carefully reviewing all options, including those not previously on their radar. And, more and more frequently, they are selecting hybrid, managed and public cloud solutions.

Over the past year, our partners provided many thought-provoking articles on moving to the cloud for the Arrow Cloud Journal. Included were these insightful articles on why you should move to cloud computing:

  • Kevin Ledford, COO – CloudGenera, in his article, “The CIOs Finest Hour – Moving DRBC Plans from Disastrous to Glorious,” shares his insights on how cloud computing has influenced the area of business continuity and disaster recovery for IT. Additionally, he speaks to how the flexibility and adaptability of the cloud are a hallmark in his “one size never fits all” strategy of cloud business.
  • DirectBuy’s CIO Armin Roeseler was faced with an urgent multi-million dollar IT infrastructure refresh and he felt the cloud was the vehicle to bring his company into the future. In the article “Leadership in Cloud Transformation with Komodo Cloud,” Roeseler describes working with Komodo Cloud to build a secure, high-performance cloud solution. The outcome was beneficial on many levels including being able to redirect IT staff to roles that more directly supported and improved the bottom line, improving IT delivery, productivity and agility, speeding time to market, and saving money.
  • In “The Changing Role of IT Management,” Sam Kumar, President of NewCloud Networks, spells out how CIOs are assuming a more strategic role focused on enhancing revenue and developing business strategy. The bottom line is changing and adapting are key. Roles are changing and a culture that supports that is critical.


Getting Started – Growing Faster

Almost any way you look at the cloud marketplace, “as-a-Service” and hybrid cloud offerings continue to grow ten times faster than technology acquisition. Whether it’s servers, storage, security or software, IT is being consumed as a utility model. And pay-as-you-go IT is a key piece of the future IT market. Therefore, engaging your customers in the cloud discussion will better help you understand their business and guide them to success.

There are cloud answers for some of the most critical IT challenges businesses are facing today, and, in many cases, those cloud options offer distinct advantages. The leading use cases for cloud include business continuity / disaster recovery, security, IoT, collaboration and communications, but it starts with you.

  1. Invest in your knowledge
  2. Build your capacity to deliver
  3. Design compensation plans that incent success
  4. Provide solutions that matter to your customers
  5. Grow your cloud practice

Hey! I Want to Do That Too!

It is common knowledge that a change is needed in how successful cloud solution providers go to market. Luckily, Arrow has a wide range of resources available to help support your cloud transformation. We provide business enablement, training, financial support and business development incentives to reduce your risks and accelerate change. All you need to do is reach out to us at 877.558.6677 or ECSCloudServices@arrow.com and we will be happy to share our expertise.

Arrow Your Cloud Partner

2017 is looking bright for cloud and IT transformation. Let Arrow be your partner in success. We’ll start you off with the following resources to support your business and account development in 2017: