September 13, 2017

Get a new identity strategy for your workforce with RSA

The RSA SecurID® Access identity assurance solution solves the key problem of identity assurance: verifying that the user is who he/she claims to be.

Identity access needs to be accomplished conveniently and securely, so that users can get to the information they need regardless of if the application is on-premises or in the cloud. RSA SecurID Access uses risk analytics and context-based awareness of users to provide seamless, robust authentication that doesn’t impede users yet gives your organization the confidence that people are who they say they are.

Key Benefits of the Release

  1. RSA SecurID Access provides new ways to conveniently and securely access any application, from anywhere, by anyone.  
    • Customers using MS Office365 and/or leveraging Microsoft Azure AD can now use RSA’s cloud authentication service for multi-factor authentication and risk-based identity assurance
  2. RSA now offers biometric authentication (fingerprint and eyeprint) options to access on-premises resources (ex. VPN) in addition to cloud resources. 
    • Enhanced security: Every user has their own fingerprint and eyeprint.  Biometrics can’t be stolen, copied or forgotten.  They’re always with the user.
    • Frictionless security: By enabling users to quickly touch or blink into the mobile device, authentication is fast and easy.
  3. Easy to install thus giving a faster time to value. 
    • The identity router (IDR) is easy to set up because it deploys as a standard web application without the need for custom network configurations. 

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