August 10, 2017

Get inspired! 6 powerful endpoint security successes

Endpoints are the tools we use every day to get our work done ─ like laptops, tablets and mobile devices. These devices all connect to the corporate network, so applications and data can be accessed from anywhere. This is where endpoint security management comes into play.

As we continue to add more and more devices to a corporate network, we need to have security measures in place so that only authorized people and devices have access to it. Endpoint security management is a policy-based approach to network security that requires endpoint devices to comply with specific criteria before they are granted access to network resources.

Arrow’s best-in-class portfolio of endpoint security suppliers are making endpoint security possible for many of their customers. Here’s a peek at some of Arrow’s supplier success stories.

Carbon Black Case Study

Before Carbon Black, a large technology manufacturer was attacked with a form of ransomware known as Teslacrypt. Around 300+ employees received an email with a malicious PDF attachment. The phishing email was so deceiving that even the most security-savvy employees opened the attachment. Even though the organization had antivirus to scan all executables, the zero-day exploit went undetected by the scanner. After the file had executed on the employee’s computers it began withholding files and stopped business operations instantly.

With the implementation of Carbon Black Cb Response and Cb Protection, the manufacturer realized the following benefits:

  • Discovered and remediated the threat
  • Blocked future instances of Teslacrypt
  • Have seen zero breaches since deploying Carbon Black

Guidance Software Case Study

A federal government agency was frustrated by alerts that indicated compromised endpoints, yet scans revealed nothing. Additional analysis that was required on the systems also triggered alerts. However, for every system that was cleaned up, another would emerge from hiding, putting classified data at risk.

The agency deployed Guidance Software EnCase Endpoint Security for Response to conduct automated inspection of networked endpoints, looking deep inside the file system for rootkits and evasive threats. The agency was able to achieve the following:

  • By operating over the network, agency operations were not disrupted while systems were thoroughly inspected.
  • Several “dirty” systems were identified and malware was characterized with a specific fingerprint so that the organization’s environment could be cleaned up once and for all.
  • Malicious data was eliminated during the investigation, preventing further spread of the malware.

Intel Security (McAfee) Case Study

The California Department of Water Resources, a U.S. state government agency, had a number of security challenges and wanted a higher level of protection. They were looking for more in-depth security that prevents more incidents. So when an incident does occur, it would provide the tools to react and remediate faster and more easily.

With the McAfee suite of security products, the California Department of Water Resources was able to achieve the following results:

  • Faster response and remediation thanks to better-informed decision-making
  • Risk mitigated and stronger security posture
  • Greater visibility across endpoints and much fewer false positives
  • More granular control over endpoint environment
  • Highly supportive and trusted security partner

Malwarebytes Case Study

United Franchise Group helps its franchisees build successful businesses, such as business signage, digital printing, personalized promotional items, computer services, advisory services, green energy solutions, and modern shared workspaces. When ransomware attacked, it temporarily impacted operations. The firm began looking for a solution to protect its endpoints across multiple offices against ransomware and had the ability to notify the team of a threat.

With Malwarebytes Endpoint Security solution, United Franchise Group was able to:

  • Gain automatic notification of infections or suspicious software downloaded
  • Significantly reduce support calls for malware-related issues and the accompanying risk
  • Simplify management and visibility across multiple corporate locations

Palo Alto Networks Case Study

Palo Alto Networks’ customer, Warren Rogers Associates, specializes in statistical analysis and precision fuel system diagnostics for the retail petroleum industry. They faced the challenge of achieving PCI compliance for thousands of remote data collection devices at fueling stations by segmenting traffic and preventing malicious network traffic from penetrating the company’s cloud-based corporate data center.

With the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, Warren Rogers Associates was able to accomplish several benefits that include:

  • Ensuring PCI compliance by guaranteeing that customer cardholder data is not collected on the Warren Rogers network
  • Saving hours of administration time with single-point policy management
  • Increasing availability with multiple virtualized gateways in the AWS cloud
  • Preventing cyberthreats from infiltrating the cloud-based data center
  • Streamlining onboarding of new customers with a uniform security approach

Trend MicroTM Case Study

Trend Micro’s website hosting customer Go Daddy was challenged to block threats that could compromise customer data or detract from online experiences; stay ahead of continually changing threats; protect Go Daddy’s reputation as the world leader for web hosting; and protect the reputation of its customers by providing safe online experiences.

After implementation of Trend MicroTM  Deep Security solution, Go Daddy was able to achieve:

  • Improved protection, with threats blocked in the cloud before they reach the Go Daddy network and servers
  • Enhanced visibility of threat activity and associated protection
  • Flexible, fast response to changing threats, with customizable rules
  • Minimized impact on server performance for maximized customer satisfaction
  • Low total cost of ownership

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