September 6, 2017

Get your government sales headed in the right direction

If you are already selling into the public sector or if you are interested in jump-starting your government business, you need to listen to the Arrow Leadership Call, 123s of Selling Technology to Government. In this informative webinar, featuring Mark Wisinger, ImmixGroup market intelligence senior analyst, you will learn how to sell to the government when budget approvals are stalled and find out which agencies to focus your efforts on in FY18.

The webinar kicks off with Wisinger explaining what a continuing resolution is and the strategies that you can use to continue driving business. “A continued resolution happens when the President and Congress can’t agree on appropriations,” says Wisinger. “They give agencies the same money as the previous year to do the same thing. A continuing resolution is typically short term, and it keeps the lights on.”

Get Pointed in the Right Direction
So, what does this mean to businesses trying to sell technology to the government in FY18? Even though agencies are tied to the previous year’s budget, there are selling actions you can take now. Wisinger has plenty of suggestions that will help you keep bringing in revenue for however long the continuing resolution lasts. Here are a few tips for Q1 of FY18:

  • Look at FY17 appropriations and identify existing customers and accounts that have growth potential.
  • Reach out to existing customers to see if new requirements can be added to the existing contracts.
  • Focus on shoring up existing customers rather than breaking new ground.

Public Sector Key Technology Trends
“Don’t ignore FY18 new business either,” said Wisinger. He points out four major FY18 public sector technology trends:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Big data and analytics
  • Infrastructure
  • Cloud

In the webcast, Wisinger delves into why the Department of Defense, federal civilian agencies and SLED need these technologies. This in-depth analysis provides great insight into how to sell to these groups.

Mark Wisinger, ImmixGroup market intelligence senior analyst

How Arrow Can Help
Wisinger explains the ImmixGroup Market Intelligence team and how they can help you win business. They regularly help resellers with:

  • Briefings/webinars
  • Streamlined sales pipeline development
  • Tactical deliverables
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

The Commercial group also provides reseller assistance with such things as list pulls, missed opportunity/share of wallet analyses, market trend analyses and many more value-add benefits.

To learn more about how to sell into the public sector, be sure to watch the Arrow Leadership Call, 123s of Selling Technology to the Government. If you have additional questions or want to contact an ImmixGroup market intelligence analyst, please contact your Arrow representative.