May 12, 2017

How to find the right skill sets for new technologies

Often referred to as the third platform, mobile, social, cloud and big data are enabling business disruption and accelerating change. As the rate of technology change accelerates, CIOs everywhere face the challenge of meeting the demands of business but find it difficult to acquire the right skills to do so. Every IT department is laboring against the same problem: searching through the maze to find qualified candidates to address their skills gap and creating a clear path to upgrade the skills of their existing staff.

Supply is Low, Demand is High

IDC surveyed CIOs in 2013 to project the skills that would be needed to support enterprise strategies until 2018. Intelligence, analytics, mobile and social development, security and business analysis came out on top as the skills that were most urgently needed. These are the same skills that drive digital transformation and enable the move to the cloud, but these skills are not found in most IT departments.

For many companies, hiring more staff is not an option. Budgets are static and the supply of qualified IT talent isn’t multiplying fast enough to meet demand. In addition, the most desirable talent has pooled around large population centers, leaving many companies across the U.S. without significant choices. To meet these modern IT demands, CIOs across the board need to plan to address the skills gap on their staff.

The Complexity of Cloud Environments

IDC predicted that by the end of 2017 over 80% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud architectures – public cloud services, private clouds, community clouds, hosted clouds and/or non-cloud infrastructure resources – with more than 60% of enterprises subscribing to 10 different public cloud services. These hybrid environments are complex and require cloud architects, cloud data administrators, security, network and systems engineers who understand data migration and legacy system integration.

IT Skill Sets Need to Evolve

The priorities for IT organizations are shifting as more companies move more of their operations to the cloud. This shift is reshaping and transforming the data center and how IT resources and applications are created, bought and managed. For IT organizations struggling to find the right talent, offering certification courses and retraining opportunities for their current staff is the answer.

IDC states that “IT professionals can position themselves to be part of this essential shift by identifying the needed skills and preparing themselves in advance to help lead their IT organization on the journey to become more agile, reduce costs and improve business performance by leveraging hybrid cloud, workload-centric management and DevOps.”

IT Skills Upgrade Path

Just as organizations choose the right cloud environment for the right application, they also need the right training choices that will meet their employee’s needs. The right approach allows your IT staff to set a path for their individual goals and the collective goals of your organization. Arrow is uniquely qualified to guide you and your employees on the right training and certification paths.

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