December 20, 2017

It’s 2018! And it’s time to start selling cloud!

2018 is here! Have you started planning your strategy for selling cloud yet? If you need a few good tips, Arrow can help.

Almost any way you look at the cloud marketplace, “as-a-Service” and hybrid cloud offerings continue to grow ten times faster than technology acquisition. Whether it’s servers, storage, security or software, IT is being consumed as a utility model. And pay-as-you-go IT is a key piece of the future IT market. Therefore, engaging your customers as soon as possible in the cloud discussion will better help you understand their business and guide them to success in the coming year.

It’s just that simple. It all starts with a conversation.

All you have to do is share with your customers that there are cloud answers for most of the critical IT challenges businesses are facing today – and, in many cases, those cloud options offer distinct advantages. The leading use cases for cloud include business continuity/disaster recovery, security, IoT, collaboration and communications. But it all starts with you. You are the solutions expert.

How to Stay on Top of Your Cloud Game

  1. Invest in your knowledge
  2. Build your capacity to deliver
  3. Design compensation plans that incent success
  4. Provide solutions that matter to your customers
  5. Grow your cloud practice

Arrow Can Get You Started

2018 is looking bright for cloud and IT transformation. Let Arrow be your partner in success. Just contact us at or 877.558.6677, and we’ll provide all the support your business needs for in the coming year.