January 23, 2017

How to weave the perfect IT services tapestry

By Chad Frazier
Senior Vice President
Business Development – Data Center/Cloud 
Arrow ECS


Much like tapestries, IT solutions are complex. Services and components crisscross and intertwine, eventually resulting in a beautiful end-product.

But knowing how to weave the proper IT services together takes skill, expertise and a clear understanding of customers’ needs in order to create a final cohesive solution. And, because of the evolution of IT – driven by IoT and its accelerators–fundamental changes in how products and services are delivered to the marketplace make things even more complicated.

But now, in recognition of today’s new IT reality, Arrow’s Services team has created eight Life Cycle Services that can be easily and effectively woven into the life of your IT solutions.

What Arrow Services Should You Consider?

Arrow offers eight Life Cycle Services that you can choose from, mixing and matching them however you wish. Here is an overview of our offerings:

  • Advisory Services are consultative-type services that focus on delivering recommendations that will help map out the best path forward when solving business problems. Advisory Services bring together best practices methodologies with subject matter experts versed in applicable disciplines to provide a holistic solution that meets the needs of the business.
  • Implementation Services are offered on-demand as both SKUs and custom statements or work. They provide access to certified resources who are experts in commissioning, modifying and decommissioning new IT solutions. These services are intended to provide additional resources during times of high demand or to fill gaps in capabilities.
  • Staffing Services are offered short-term and long-term, providing subject matter expertise as an extension of existing staff. These certified resources are screened to meet the specific requirements of the engagement and are managed on a day-to-day basis by the consumer of the services.
  • Maintenance Services provide hardware support and/or software support/upgrades that keep IT solution sets running at an optimal level. These are supplier-backed services.
  • Education Services are offered in a variety of fashions to meet the needs of technical staff, administrators or end-users. These services can help meet supplier requirements for certifications for implementation and support.
  • On-Demand Support Services are best-effort and can be consumed by the hour or incident, depending upon the need. Expert resources can be leveraged to augment existing technical resources (administrative) or expand capabilities to IT solution sets where current capabilities do not exist.
  • Managed Services are SLA-driven offers that provide turnkey solutions for daily activities that are not best served in-house. Managed services are typically offered for help desk, remote monitoring and management (toolsets optional), and on-site field services.
  • Value Recovery Services are end-of-life services for typical IT assets. Data erasure, destruction and remarketing of assets with remaining useful life are the most common value recovery services.

How Arrow Spins the Best Solutions

Providing a full suite of services that span the entire life cycle of IT assets and enables today’s complex solutions allows Arrow to provide value in any scenario. Whether the need is to augment or fill gaps in existing capabilities, or to provide a turnkey solution that allows expansion into new technologies and service models, Arrow is there to help.

Arrow recognizes the challenges that the digital transformation has presented. And the ability to assimilate new technologies while accommodating the needs of new buyers and consumption models is daunting when faced with maintaining operational viability. Luckily, Arrow has a dedicated team of services professionals that will help you spin the best solution. All you need to do is ask, and we are here to help.

Get Your IT Services Tapestries Started Today!

Whether the need for services arises early in the life cycle or late, Arrow is here to provide you with colorful options that will provide value and support across all products and solutions.

For more information on Arrow Life Cycle Services, just submit a request or contact your Arrow representative.