March 15, 2018

IBM SaaS Deal Registration Submission Pilot launch

Arrow wants to ensure you are aware of the following actions that are now in effect.

The launch of SaaS Deal Registration Submission via MySA, went into effect March 1, 2018. Current Incentives will continue as follows:

  • Current Account Designation and IBM Suggested Land and Stay Engaged Incentives
    • Industry – Up to 5%
    • Commercial (includes Computer Services) or Enterprise – Up to 15%
  • Effective April 10, 2018, Account Designation and IBM Suggested Land and Stay Engaged Incentives
    • IBM Led – Up to 5%
    • Co-Led and BP-Led – Up to 15%

The SaaS Deal Registration and Subscription Extension “Incentives,” as previously shared, will not be available until the second half of 2018. IBM plans to learn the simplest way to phase in the formal incentive program from the SaaS Deal Registration submission pilot. Updated documentation will be available in PartnerWorld.

In summary, IBM will continue with the current Land and Stay Engaged Incentives, with no modifications, while they fully exercise and refine the MySA deal registration component. IBM aims to provide you with stable, predictable and profitable SaaS Resell programs and incentives that protect your investment in IBM SaaS.              

Please use and share the PartnerWorld link below to obtain details on this announcement.

From the main page, scroll down under Incentive Program Update to view info on SaaS:


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