September 5, 2017

IBM Training: Top Gun software solutions – Chicago

Software and Solutions Top Gun
October 2-5, 2017
Chicago, Illinois (Schaumburg)

Register today for IBM’s Software and Solutions Top Gun class in October. This session is designed for all those who sell authorized Business Partners who sell IBM Software.

NOTE: Attendance is mandatory for all FOUR days!!

Software and Solutions Top Gun is a fast-paced, high-energy sales class that covers the IBM software capabilities and sales strategies at a sales-oriented level. There will be great deal of focus on IBM’s strategies around Software-as-a-Service and Cognitive Business capabilities.  

This is a PASS/FAIL course, and attendees will be tested on the class pre-requisites to help ensure that the participants can understand and apply the information.  It is an excellent offering for the Business Partner sales or technical seller who is in need of a high-level overview of the Software portfolio of capabilities and a fundamental knowledge of IBM’s software strategy.


  • Enable students to learn how to identify “as-a-service” sales opportunities
  • Enable students with portfolio capabilities, differentiators, business value, and strategy
  • Enable students to create and communicate a seamless Cognitive Business solution vision for the customer
  • Enable students to leverage the breadth of IBM’s software offerings to sell against the competition
  • Allow students to demonstrate what they learn by administering class exercises and quizzes that have practical application and simulated practice

Target Audience
IBM Business Partners, IBM partner coverage reps and others who need this type of sales perspective.  

Venue, logistics and pre-reqs will be sent upon confirmation. Seats are STRICTLY LIMITED. To enroll for this class, CLICK HERE.  More information can be found here on the Top Gun Web site. You will be sent a confirmation & logistics note once you have been confirmed in the class.  This confirmation will provide guidance about your prerequisite tasks and class agenda, along with travel and accommodation information.

Cost and Expenses
Your business unit/company will be responsible for any meals, accommodation and transportation expenses, if applicable. Therefore, please ensure you have your manager’s approval before enrolling.  (It will be assumed your enrollment means that you have management approval.)