July 14, 2017

Learn how to deal with the big data explosion

In this article, Forbes contributor Bernard Marr discusses the fact that companies already have too much data to work with. They no longer need to prepare for big data. Big data is here and now, and accumulating at an alarming rate every second of the day.

Bernard clearly states the problem: “… in the rush to avoid being left behind, I also see that many companies risk becoming data rich but insight poor. They accumulate vast stores of data they have no idea what to do with, and no hope of learning anything useful from.”

Because of this alarming data explosion, companies need to take action now and commit to a “digital transformation on a massive scale.”

Continue reading to learn about the steps you should be making NOW, because Bernard says: “Without a smart plan of action to use the data to produce business insights, the data itself becomes a white elephant — expensive and useless.”

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