July 13, 2017

Manufacturer chooses Ixia Bypass for next-gen firewall

Ixia Customer Use Case

As a supplier to governments around the world, a manufacturer needed to maintain the highest level of security over customer contracts and information. A breach leading to the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data could damage the trust and confidence of customers, and severely impact future business.

Key Issues

  • Minimize downtime during deployment of FirePOWER across 1,000 locations in six continents
  • Protect network against any future appliance failure
  • Make it easy to manage security infrastructure remotely


  • Ixia iBypass
  • Ixia IndigoPro


  • Faster, consistent deployment with pre-configured Cisco integration
  • Increase in real-time traffic inspection with no added risk to network availability
  • Centralized, user-friendly, remote control of bypass switches

For this manufacturer, the simple addition of an external bypass switch took the fear out of performing real-time monitoring, to strengthen security and protect their business.

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