April 20, 2017

Mobility in healthcare: Far more than fitness trackers

Third platform innovations are changing the way the world does everything, from farming (see: How to make herding cows easy with IoT) to healthcare.

Barriers may remain, but the adoption of mobility in healthcare is increasing, and use cases are numerous, experts said at HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas. Physicians are now able to do more interactive work with the help of mobile, and mobile is keeping physicians better informed.

Use cases for mobile healthcare growing

Mobility is becoming prevalent in more than one way in the healthcare industry, from doctors and nurses using tablets in the hospital, to patients checking back in with them post-op via a mobile app – saving them a trip back to the hospital. It’s especially helpful when it comes to chronic disease management, which can force some patients to make several trips to a hospital or doctor’s office in a short period of time. There have even been positive results from incorporating mobility into mental health care.

Barriers to mobility in healthcare

Many doctors warn, however, that mobility isn’t appropriate in every healthcare situation. X-rays, for example, aren’t as easy to see on a phone. Mobility has expanded the amount of patient data that can be available to doctors, but there’s a challenge with determining how to take action with that data. There’s also the question of how real time that data is. Then, there’s the matter of security of patient information in today’s world of never-ending hacks and attacks.

Using data effectively improves quality

Harun Rashid, vice president of Global Health Services and CIO at Children’s Hospital of UPMC in Pittsburgh, has found that mobile healthcare “drives down cost and improves quality, which ultimately is the goal for the patient,” he said.

“I think it has greatly assisted the delivery of care and the delivery of information,” Rashid said. “Better delivery of information, which leads to better delivery of care.”

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