April 17, 2018

Videos now online: IBM PartnerWorld at Think 2018

This year’s PartnerWorld at Think conference provided a tremendous amount of insight and information in just a few days.

Now that the conference is over, is there a session you wish you could see again or share with a team member? Do you want to review an executive forum presentation you found particularly helpful?

Good news! The videos and presentations from PartnerWorld at Think are now available on the  event recap website. With just a few clicks, you can watch the general session and download the presentations from the executive forums. Plus, share the relevant content with your team to quickly bring everyone up to speed.

Need a refresher on the central themes of the conference? Check out this new blog post on Business Partner Voices to review some key topics, trends and ideas that will help you plan your strategy for the rest of this year.

By providing easy access to all these resources, we hope PartnerWorld at Think will continue to be valuable to you over the months ahead. Thank you again for making the conference a success!