April 21, 2017

Oracle news for April – ODAs and EOQ deadlines

ODAs Are the First-Ever Partner-Led Product From Oracle

“The Oracle Digital Team is chartered with working with partners on ODAs,” says Roger Simon – Application Sales Manager, ERP Applications at Oracle. “Arrow is the only VAD who is doing “Party in the Box” where the ODA ships with all the pieces and parts that are necessary for you to plug it in and actually deploy the appliance and the database.”

Arrow’s “Party in a Box”
The Arrow ODA website is a one-stop shop for all things ODA related. On the site you can find information on ODA documentation, sales tools, marketing materials as well as the latest Oracle News and upcoming training events.

The ODA demo unit comes with everything you would need to demonstrate the benefits of the ODA system as well as branded marketing material to help outline the high-level benefits. The “Party in a Box” is currently only offered by Arrow.
The website will give you the answers to these questions:

  • How does ODA benefit you and your customer?
  • Interested in requesting an ODA demo unit to help with a potential sale in the pipeline?
  • Interested in employing the ODA virtual demo to help demonstrate to your potential sale in the pipeline?

Contact Kimberly Moran with questions.


Hardware & Software End-of-Quarter Keys to Success

  • Manager on call: Jackie Eberlin |  978.235.7694


  • The majority of the products require a 5-day lead time. Please see your Hardware ISRs for any exceptions.
  • All approved blood builds must be submitted for booking by Tuesday, May 16.
  • Submit all blood build conversion orders by Friday, May 19 for in-quarter conversion and revenue deliveries.


  • Oracle non-standard requests can only be submitted by the Oracle sales team. Please work with the appropriate Inside Rep to facilitate requesting non-standard pricing and special approvals.
  • Due to anticipated volume, it is critical that the partner P.O.s with corresponding non-standard approvals are received by noon ET on the expiration date to ensure placement at Oracle and avoid resubmitting and/or extending the Oracle approval.
  • Include a contact name, phone number, and email address.
  • P.O.s over $200k net license require a copy of the end-user’s P.O.

Note for all lines of business: Any offline orders under $200K that require an ordering document and come over after May 24 will not book until June.

Oracle Cut-Off Dates

  • All migration and license assignment requests – April 27, noon ET
  • < $200K non-standard requests requiring terms & conditions/contracts (Prioritization process is in place for anything submitted after this date) – May 24, noon ET
  • Non-standard doc expiration – See quote or ordering documents for expiration date, 3 p.m. ET
  • All other orders – May 31, midnight ET

Contact Jacqueline Eberlin with questions.


Fujitsu Partner Training Webinar on All Things M12

Register here for this webinar that covers:

Mini Agenda

  • Fujitsu SPARC M12 Overview
  • Fujitsu SPARC M12 Technologies
  • Advanced Mission Critical Infrastructure
  • Sales opportunities
  • Competition vs. IBM Power
  • Summary

Contact Phil Richmond with questions.