August 23, 2017

Register for IBM Advanced Digital Marketing Workshop

Advanced Business Partner Digital Marketing Workshop
~ Complimentary 1-Day Training ~
Coppell, Texas
Wednesday, September 20
8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET (7:45 arrival)

The Advanced Business Partner Digital Marketing Workshop is a hands-on workshop where you will learn:

  • How to better leverage Google Analytics  
  • Best practices around lead nurturing and lead scoring using Marketing Automation capabilities
  • Specific methodologies around leveraging the different types of paid media and reusing your strongest content/assets  
  • Through best-in-breed examples, group and individual exercises, you’ll then be able to apply these methodologies towards your own marketing efforts to increase the performance of your digital campaigns.

Who should attend?
This workshop is for those marketers in your firm who have:

  • Attended an IBM Business Partner Digital Marketing Workshop within this past year and/or
  • Executed a digital marketing strategy and campaigns for more than a year and
  • Experimented and/or used Google Analytics or other analytics tools and/or Marketing Automation as a means to measure their marketing performance and include automated functionality in their marketing efforts.

The marketer should be comfortable with and willing to learn and apply digital analytics to monitor and improve their digital initiatives.

Pre-Workshop Offering
These workshops are run by IBM & TSL Marketing. As part of the workshop, TSL will provide one of the following 3 complimentary offerings to participating IBM Business Partner firms – the choice being made by the IBM Business Partner.

  • Pre-fabricated Dashboard: Just beginning?  TSL will offer the IBM Business Partner 6 Google Analytics pre-fabricated dashboards to the IBM Business Partner – including views that will assist in tactical decision-making and a specific view for your executive management
  • Custom Analytics Dashboard: TSL will offer the IBM Business Partner a Google Analytics customized dashboard consisting of  10 custom widgets based on IBM Business Partner input and allowing them to monitor key metrics that are relevant to their on their industry, solutions offerings, etc.
  • Goals: For more Advanced IBM Business Partners that have specific goals around funnel/workflow conversion, TSL can set up 2 custom goals in Google Analytics, allowing for tracking and measurement around those workflows, and will explain how to view the data within the Analytics Interface.

About the Workshop

The workshop and all material will be delivered in English.  A continental breakfast & lunch will be provided.

IBM – Coppell
Rm# 01-A1008
1177 Belt Line Rd.
Coppell, TX  75019