February 27, 2017

Do you know what you need to know about SDx?

As we all know, the IT landscape is changing. As modern users, we expect our IT services to be always on, always available, agile and customer-centric. That’s a tall order to fill; but with SDx we can get there.

In the November Arrow Leadership Call, “SDx, Software Defined Everything; the Linchpin for the Modern Data Center,” you will hear from Michael Lowe, Arrow Sr. Solutions Architect. Lowe describes the changing landscape and how new classes of applications like mobile, big data, real-time, artificial intelligence engines and anything as a service are enablers of change. He also discusses what can happen if you don’t change, including:

  • Users take it upon themselves to build what they want.
  • Security risks increase.
  • Competitive advantages are lost.
  • Potential savings are not realized.

Lowe says that organizations are hindered by rigid data centers with no agility and that software is the linchpin of the modern data center. When SDx is implemented, data centers will see a reduction of IT housekeeping (keeping the lights on), as well as the following positive changes:

  • Agile and secure infrastructure
  • Self-serviceable
  • Intelligent and automatic
  • Data correlation
  • Shift from CAPEX to OPEX

In this on-demand webcast, you will learn about the challenges of implementing SDx. Lowe talks about the complexity of architecting and integrating SDx due to existing infrastructures. It can be time-consuming and risky. And it also requires advanced technical skills.

Finally, Lowe explains a three-phased approach to implement SDx that turns your organization from reactive to proactive:

  1. Phase I: Consolidation
  2. Phase II: Standardizing mission-critical applications
  3. Phase III: Hybrid clouds

If you are beginning to take a more proactive approach to your data center, this webcast will detail the background and steps you need to take in implementing SDx. After viewing the webcast, if you have any questions, please contact your Arrow representative.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.