January 25, 2017

This is how you can expand your IoT business

“It’s going to be a $14.4 trillion global IoT market by 2022,” said speaker Shannon McWilliams, leader of Arrow’s cybersecurity group, in a recent Arrow Leadership call “Things Evolved – Internet of Things.” With Arrow’s eVolve IoT offering, Arrow is able to guide businesses and people to their future, better selves.

Things Evolved is a mindset and a perspective. “It’s the way we think and speak about the phenomenon that is IoT so that we can guide businesses and the world to a better future,” stated McWilliams. “We are the ones who will help companies and their customers as their things evolve.”

When you listen to this recorded webcast, you’ll learn about the forces that are driving IoT, IoT spending and the seven key verticals where Arrow sees growth. McWilliams provides several examples of how Arrow and its reseller partners are working together to solve real-life customer challenges. One vertical is retail where the sensing and collection of data is helping stores be more profitable. Another example is in agriculture where livestock and crops are being better managed with data being provided by IoT solutions.

McWilliams also talks about the Arrow eVolve framework, which brings together many Arrow business units to solve complex requirements. It’s a seamless, comprehensive approach to solving business challenges. The basic four components are:

  1. Design: Hardware, software and connectivity
  2. Operate: Infrastructure platform – public, hybrid or private cloud
  3. Optimize: Software that includes apps, analytics, middleware and big data
  4. Restore: Value recovery with break/fix, repair, warranty and disposition

Every eVolve project is backed by the full heft of Arrow’s global resources and experience. From idea to impact, opportunity to execution, our industry-leading experts will be there to support you every step of the way.

If you are interested in learning more about Arrow’s eVolve IoT offer, your first step should be to watch the on-demand “Things Evolved – Internet of Things” webcast. Then, contact your Arrow representative to find out more information about how Arrow’s eVolve offer can work for you.