June 16, 2017

Tintri webinar: “Don’t Miss Out on Enterprise Cloud”

“Don’t Miss Out on Enterprise Cloud”
Thursday, June 22
11 a.m. ET/9 a.m. MT

Don’t look now, but organizations are embracing enterprise cloud left and right. They’re automating their IT. They’re slashing dev time. They’re leaving you behind, because you’re providing legacy IT infrastructure solutions.
Tintri’s here to help you catch up. Sure, navigating the right cloud solution is problematic —conventional infrastructure isn’t exactly flexible or agile, and public cloud doesn’t offer predictable cost or guaranteed performance. But that’s not a problem for Tintri.
In this webinar, Tintri will help you find those responsible for their organization’s cloud strategy, and entice prospects with what they really want. They will show you real enterprise cloud wins they’ve had, and how to replicate our success. And, Tintri is offering tools and training programs that have made them an easy sell for our sales team.