November 7, 2017

Webinar: How to supercharge your nextgen cloud practice

“How to Supercharge Your NextGen Cloud Practice”
Brought to you by Equinix and Arrow Electronics


Businesses of all sizes are investing in mobile applications and digital services at a furious pace. Management consulting firm Cognizant estimates revenue driven by these investments could top $20 trillion by 2018 – and that’s just for the retail, life sciences, financial services and manufacturing sectors.

The rationale behind this movement is multifaceted — ranging from the desire to create closer customer connections to the need for faster decision-making and better workforce collaboration to the drive toward entirely new revenue streams. This, in turn, is inspiring widespread corporate adoption of hybrid infrastructure that spans both private and public cloud services. Many businesses are struggling with where to start, especially when it comes to managing and securing the data behind these new applications while ensuring they are responsive in near real time.

For forwarding-thinking solution providers, this unprecedented digital disruption offers an unparalleled opportunity to forge even closer ties with existing customers and establish valuable new relationships. But it also requires fresh thinking about the portfolio of storage technologies, converged infrastructure and co-location resources that your team recommends to connect critical public and private services seamlessly.

During this on-demand webinar, learn more about powerful, scalable and secure solutions that are up to the task backed by massive interconnection services from the world’s largest retail co-location provider, Equinix, along with deep technical and financial resources from Arrow Electronics. Get ready to elevate your next-generation cloud practice to the next level.