May 31, 2017

Why Arrow delivers the best IT maintenance services

By Chad Frazier
Senior Vice President
Business Development – Data Center/Cloud 
Arrow ECS


In our recent article, How to Weave the Perfect IT Services Tapestry, we unveiled Arrow’s eight Life Cycle Services. As discussed in the article, our experts can easily and effectively weave Arrow’s award-winning services into the life of your customers’ IT solutions.

So far, we have discussed our advisory services, implementation services and staffing services. Now, we are going to focus on the next wedge in our services wheel – Arrow’s maintenance services that help keep your IT solutions up-to-date and operational. 

Get to Know Arrow Maintenance Services

Arrow knows that in a typical data center, there are a myriad of IT solutions available with varying levels of business-critical needs and complexities. But, if these solutions were ever impacted, the level of IT efficiency and staff productivity could be severely impacted, as well as a business’s bottom line. We know that business owners don’t want that to happen, so it is imperative that a consistent hardware and software maintenance plan is in place – and Arrow can help do just that.

In the past, it was commonplace to rely on a single supplier for solving the business problems faced by the customer, and maintenance services were offered in conjunction with the product sale. However, as solutions became more complex and multiple suppliers are utilized in solving business problems, maintenance requirements have also become more complex. Arrow is now able to bridge the gap and provide a complete solution set that provides the perfect maintenance package for your customers’ needs. This Arrow value-add eliminates time spent searching for maintenance plans on your own.

With Arrow, you have access to the industry’s ultimate aggregator and reseller of supplier maintenance services. We are experts at finding whatever IT maintenance services that are required to support the solutions that Arrow has created for you.

Why Arrow Maintenance Services?

Arrow crafts a maintenance plan to meet your customer’s exact needs, such as:

  • Standard or extended coverage hours, depending on solution
  • On-site, remote or depot service delivery methods
  • Targeted response times either four-hour turns or next business day
  • Flexible single or multi-vendor solutions
  • Always-available customer support experts that ensure businesses stays focused on growth, opportunity and success

Arrow Maintenance Services Benefits

A good maintenance plan can help companies:

  • Anticipate change
  • Decrease outages and system failures
  • Lower the total cost of ownership
  • Keep your IT resources educated on new technologies

Weaving Together the Solution

Here is an example of how Arrow’s maintenance services wove the perfect IT solution:

  • An Arrow customer had a complex solution set that required components from a number of different suppliers that included servers, virtualization, storage, networking and applications. Even with these multiple diverse components, Arrow was able to provide maintenance across the board with co-terminus agreements. As a result, Arrow met the customer’s needs, saving them an enormous about of time and producing a fully supported solution set right out of the gate.

Learn More About Arrow’s Maintenance Services

Whether you want to upgrade your service warranties or increase coverage for your post-warranty machines and software, Arrow is here to help you unravel the tangled confusion of options.

For more information about Arrow maintenance services or any of the other Life Cycle Services, just submit a request or contact your Arrow representative.