May 17, 2017

Why you need to link deals for cloud wallet share


By James Staten
Global Head of
Market Development


We all know the reality of today’s technology market is hybrid cloud. No one is going all in on a single cloud and no one is holding back from using the cloud. If you’ve built your business off traditional IT infrastructure and/or data center services and solutions, you may have a negative view of the disruptive growth of cloud services. But the reality is that cloud creates new opportunities for you to deepen the partnership with your customers and aggressively grow share of wallet by helping them interconnect their traditional resources with these cloud services.

Categories of Cloud Services

  • Software as a Service or SaaS are cloud-based alternatives to traditional on-premise applications (, Office 365, workday).
  • Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS are cloud-based infrastructure platforms that are highly automated, virtualized, priced pay-per-use and widely deployed globally (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Platform as a Service or PaaS are alternative middleware layers that simplify application design and deployment atop IaaS and traditional virtual infrastructure platforms (Pivotal CloudFoundry, RedHat OpenShift, Engine Yard)

How to Empower Your Customers

The key is to empower your customers to embrace and capitalize on their hybrid reality. To do this you must help your customers address:

  1. Interconnection: As shown by research from Forrester, Gartner and others, the drivers of cloud service adoption are business units seeking greater agility and customer responsiveness. IT departments who have fought to block shadow IT have lost influence. Those who have embraced these company actions are regaining influence by ensuring the use of these services are secure, integrated with their traditional IT services and deliver good performance. The key to achieving this is managing the interconnections between them. Interconnection is the ability to securely connect corporate assets to the many SaaS, IaaS and PaaS solutions today’s enterprises need to accelerate business performance and create new opportunities. Learn more about Interconnection in this Gartner article.
  2. Digital Edge: Today’s market – shifting to mobility, digital collaboration and the internet of things – demands that apps and experiences come together at the edge, which increasingly is shifting to literally anywhere you have employees, customers and devices. Persistent end-user performance issues, security concerns, unplanned IT costs and diminishing returns are all signs that IT is struggling to keep pace with business at the edge. To succeed, you need to help your customers implement an approach that is globally dispersed, agile and dynamic – one that seamlessly, efficiently and securely integrates all their people, locations, clouds and data at the digital edge. 

Looking Ahead

IDC projects that organizations that transform at the digital edge and the digital multi-cloud core will achieve $2 trillion in increased revenue, lower costs, and improved productivity over the next five years. The partners who help them, will see similar gains.

A network of cross-connects, performance hubs and data hubs that deliver private and secure links between all your customer’s hybrid assets and enable a rich, widely distributed digital edge raises the value of every asset and service you sell to them. Network- and cloud-neutral interconnection providers like Equinix deliver this empowerment to your business.

To learn more about how you can add an interconnection-oriented architecture to your business value, visit the open IOA Knowledgebase community today!