April 6, 2017

You need to know how Nordstrom is using mobility

Starting in 2014, fashion specialty retailer Nordstrom made a commitment to substantially increase its technology investments to focus on the mobile customer experience. In 2015, Nordstrom continued along this path by expanding the company’s mobile platform as a main focus. Now that it’s 2017, how has that investment paid off?

Nordstrom is now seeing results from this new technology focus. In 2015, the retailer saw its web sales increase by 25.5%, which was above the national average e-commerce growth rate of 15.4%. Online transactions alone accounted for a total of 18.0% of Nordstrom’s net sales. The increase in online transactions continued in 2016.

According to the recent Mobile In-Store Experience Ranking report, Nordstrom is ranked in the top three of retailers who offer customer experiences via mobile devices in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The report also found that shoppers are seeing an increasing value in apps designed to support in-store shopping, with 80% of consumers saying these tools would improve the in-store experience.

So, what experience can you expect when you go to a Nordstrom store? Nordstrom.com and the Nordstrom app are integrated with the inventory management system. This means a customer can find what they want in one place and have it delivered to another place. Nordstrom also participates in social apps, so Nordstrom employees get additional information about their customer’s preferences. This extends the Nordstrom customer service brand even further, because their employees will know what you bought in the past, what you are looking for now and what you wanted but couldn’t find. With mobile checkout, customers can check out without waiting in line to pay for their items.

Many department stores are struggling with business challenges due to increases in online shopping. Nordstrom decided years ago to embrace the challenge and serve their customers in the manner they desired. The decision is paying off with profitable and convenient online shopping along with effective in-store experiences.